History of Sakanishi Seiki

1945: Founded business as Sakanishi Seisakujo.

History photo

In June 1, 1945, current chairman Katsuji Sakanishi founded Sakanishi Seisakujo in Shibuya ward, Tokyo.
At the time, we manufactured rice milling machines, hair steamers for barber, and heavy oil burners.
After acquiring additional capital, two gear-cutting machines were installed, and we started subcontracting work for gear manufacturers.
In January 1953, we reorganized into an incorporated company as Sakanishi Seiki Co., Ltd. and started operations officially as a precision gear specialty manufacturer.
From July 1985, we started manufacturing of planetary gear reducers as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
In February 1996, we started manufacturing and sales of its own original brand of planetary gear reducers, the V series and C series.


1945.6.1 Katsuji Sakanishi founded Sakanishi Seisakujo in Shibuya ward, Tokyo.

Reorganized the corporate organization. Established Sakanishi Seiki Co., Ltd. with capital of 2 million yen.
(Photo: Company office at time of reorganization into incorporated company)


Acquired factory site in Hino city, Tokyo. Completed construction of Hino factory.
(Photo: Factory built in Hino city)


1971 Increased capitalization to 7.5 million yen
1979 Became the model factory for SME management consultant training.

Completed construction of headquarters building in Shibuya ward, Tokyo.
(Photo: Headquarters building at time of completion in 1980)

Head office building

1981 Received commissioner award from Hachioji Labor Standards Inspection Office.

Acquired factory in Hino city, Tokyo. Started operations as Yanakayama factory.
(Photo: Yanakayama factory where operations were started in 1982)

Yanakayama factory

1984 Received investment from Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co.,Ltd. Capitalization increased to 50 million yen.
Adopted use of computers for production management.
1985 Completed new office wing in Hino factory. Started production Management System.
Acquired adjacent site for expanding Hino factory.
1991 Installed computers in headquarters for increasing efficiency of accounting divisions.
1997 Hiroyuki Sakanishi became company president.
1999 Received Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award as high-rated business for employment of senior citizens.
2005 ISO9001 certified.
2007 ISO14001 certified.
2008 Acquired new factory construction site in Hachioji city, Tokyo.

Completed construction of new factory (Photo: New factory construction completed in 2009).
Completed relocation of Hino factory and Yanakayama factory. Started new factory operations.

New factory

2010 Relocation of headquarters completed.
2014 Received Chairman Award of the Japan Greenery Research and Development Center at 33rd Factory Greenery National Convention.
Received the Hachioji City Manufacturing Industrial Award. Received Tokyo Metropolitan SME Manufacturing Human Resources Development Governor's Award for Excellence.
2015 Received Tokyo Labor Bureau Director Award for Excellence: Health and Safety Official Commendation.
2021 ISO45001 certified.

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