June 13, 2017
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Planetary Gear Reducers

We make the most of our proven experience and knowledge in gear cutting and gear reducer designing and manufacturing acquired for more than a half century to provide original gear reducers to meet your needs.

Concentric Inline Reducers

Providing power-saving gear reducers for servo motors at a reasonable price!
These gear reducers were developed by drawing on our more than a half century of proven experience and knowledge in gear reducer design and manufacturing.


Right Angle Reducers

Featuring the C series of right angle (hollow and solid shaft) Speed Reducers for servo motors!
The C series of low-noise Speed Reducers combines a planetary gear mechanism and spiral bevel.


Custom-made Production

Founded as a gear manufacturer, we uses its proven technology developed over its long history for machining and assembling a wide range of precision parts and meeting customer needs through VA/VE proposals.
We handle a wide range of materials, from common materials (ferrous and nonferrous) to castings, forgings, sintered parts, metal plates, pressed parts, and more.

Gear Products

Our integrated production system is used to supply precision gears from material procurement to precision cutting gear machining, precision grinding gear machining, heat treatment, and more, for industrial robots, machine tools, automobiles, and many other fields.

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Machining and Assembly

We provide a wide array of products, from various types of general-purpose machinery to the most advanced simultaneous 5-axis CNC machines and testing equipment for meeting our customers' requirements from the test manufacture of cutting machinery products and assembly products to mass production.

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Built-to-order Gear Reducers

Upon customer request, we can propose custom products through joint development so that good choices become the best product possible.

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Factory Facilities

Sites Producing Value

We use state-of-the-art facilities to produce products with value.
We also strive to make our factories environmentally-friendly for
co-existence and co-prosperity with our local communities.

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