C Series

C Series Planetary Gear Reducers

Low-noise design through combination of planetary gear and spiral bevels To meet a wide variety of market needs, we has focused on developing right angle type Speed Reducers for servo motors.

C Series Planetary Gear Reducers

Select your desired options


1. Any maker

Our design supports coupling with servo motors by any maker.
Please feel free to choose what is suitable for you.

2. Any mounting position

Any mounting position is possible due to the enclosed design.

3. Any application

Designers have freedom of choice due to the maintenance-free structure.


Company specifications of orthogonal type planetary gear reducers for servo motors
Motor capacity:YYY
010 020 040 075
100W 200W 400W 750W
Reduction ratio:ZZZZ
0030 0050 0090 0150
1/3 1/5 1/9 1/15

Example:CIS010-030 denotes orthogonal type planetary gear reducer for a 100-W motor, with reduction ratio of 1/3.

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