Sakanishi's Strengths



Product Lineups Created from Powerful Proposals

We will take on any request from our customers and will strive to meet it through our extensive knowledge and proven technology. Even if your request was turned down by other companies, we will take approaches from many different angles to provide a suitable proposal. We are always aiming to provide the best and will not shy from new challenges for ensuring that the customer is ultimately satisfied.

Original Brand

We make the most of our proven experience and knowledge in gear cutting and gear reducer designing and manufacturing acquired for more than a half century to provide original gear reducers to meet your needs.

Planetary Gear Reducers

1. Any maker

Our design supports coupling with servo motors by any maker. Please feel free to choose what is suitable for you.

2. Any mounting position

Any mounting position is possible due to the enclosed design.

3. Any application

Designers have freedom of choice due to the maintenance-free structure.

Custom-made Production item

Founded as a gear manufacturer, we uses its proven technology developed over its long history for machining and assembling a wide range of precision parts and meeting customer needs through VA/VE proposals.
We handle a wide range of materials, from common materials (ferrous and nonferrous) to castings, forgings, sintered parts, metal plates, pressed parts, and more.

Custom-made Items

Integrated System from Material Selection to Assembly

To cut unnecessary costs and processes, we run a network of supplier factories for building a single, integrated system from material procurement to heat treatment, surface treatment, machining, and assembly.

1. Materials

Steel materials/Non-metallic materials/Non-ferrous materials/Composite materials
Semi-finished products

2. Heat Treatment

3. Surface Treatment (Special Treatment)

Leading-edge Equipment and Technologies

Using the full range of cutting machinery and combining human sophisticated performance and expertise, we aim at higher machining efficiency and better quality.
We have a diverse pool of cutting machine tools to manufacture any precision parts. In addition, we are enriching our inspection equipment with the emphasis placed on 3-D measuring instruments and gear testers.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our products, discussions,
or problems that we can help you solve, please feel free to contact us at Sakanishi Seiki.

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